Monday, March 3, 2014

Off Day & Favorite moments ~ The Oscars

Here's a few things I get into on my off day

Mom brought these from her job for me. Bout to get into it

Play in Makeup
Elf: warm pallette  | Elf #12601 |  NYX 'Silky Rose' blush
Color of Rahab dark brown pencil |  Studio Basics brush

Read Blogs

Watch Netflix
Currently watching 'Scrubs' You?

Drink Tea
I'm not picky with tea. I'll try any flavor

I current here reading some recaps of the Oscars ;)

My guesses (in my last post) were off huh? lol

Some of my favorite moments of the Oscars
1. Ellen's opening speech
2. Pharell's performance
3. Ellen's Epic selfie
4. Lupita's win
5. 12 years a slave win
6. Jared Leto's hair and speech
7. Pizza delivery bill ( Ellen tipped $2)
8. etc

What do you do on your off day?
Also did you watch the Oscars? What did you think?

Check Luvvie's Blog for her engaging recap



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