Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Trends

Here are some looks I came across

1. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
The fringe trend is definitely hot right now. Whether its your cardigan, handbag
or even your scarf that's fringed, you will
 be very much trendy

2. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
Draya is rocking a cute matching two piece. This trend
also looks great with a midi skirt

3. via kharas kloset ~ instagram
Hitting 3 birds with one pic; cropped tops, joggers and the cool girly-tomboy
look is definitely a few of my faves for this spring.

4. via ladypigalle ~ instagram
Kitten heels? Yes. Put away your 6 inch pumps and
get trendy and more comfortable with 2-3 inch
heels for your date ;)

Which is your favorite trend?
Any other trends to add? Leave them in the comments. Thanks!



  1. I really like fringes!
    and I think kimonos are really gonna be in this year
    the matching two piece is really cute!

    1. Me too!
      I agree, I see them everywhere and I want one :D


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