Friday, April 25, 2014

(Late) Easter Fits

What I wore on Easter Sunday

Sweater| Gift   Vest| Thrift   Dress| ?   Bag| Gift   Boots| Gift

Later that day- Lunch at Auntie's house

Top| Uniqlo   Pants| Danice   Boots| Aldo


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Braided Back- Set it Off style :D

I'm all about spur of the moment hair decisions, some better than others...this one, I don't know!

I decided to get my hair braided (set it off style) at the African hair Salon. The process was quick and hassle free. Just what I wanted. A protective style that takes no time to achieve.

I would admit, the look is still growing on me though.



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dedication Weekend

This past weekend (5th/6th- late post) was my god-daughter Dayle's Dedication. 

Saturday was the dedication service in the church, followed by lunch.

Blazer| Danice   Top|Pretty Girl   Pants| Danice   Shoes| Rainbow
(discount shopper lookin fly :D)

Sunday was the Party where all was invited ( family and friends)

Top| Conway (old)   Pants| Danice

It was a very special and fun weekend!

Isn't she cute?! Love her!!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Dry Bar

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to blow out my natural hair...just for a change. I did some research on 'Dry Barr' Salon (Upper East Side Location) and liked what
 I heard and saw so I decided to try them out.

Loved the results! I have nothing bad to say about this place

They served drinks, were friendly, on time, organized and they even gave out free umbrellas ( it was raining that day)

Pin Curls (next day, by me)

I will be returning!!

My stylist Instagram~ @mustluvhair

Also, yesterday I got my ends trimmed at a dominican salon in my neighborhood. They needed it badly