Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Forever doing an UPDATE...

Wow time has flown by since I last blogged and a few things have been going let me update ya (Beyonce voice)

Well most of you should know that I am pregnant!! Who me? Yes!! LOL I'm (almost) 23 weeks along. What a ride its bin thus far. My friends and family with kids say its just the beginning!? Say what now??
I had my 2nd trimester ultrasound a few days ago and it looks like ill be buying tons of pink! (no I won't) I'm having a girl :) I'm cool with the reveal and so is the boyfriend (he wanted a boy though, but its all good).

Ok ok. So I've bin rocking a Brazilian deep wave weave for over a week now. I love it (looks around for natural hair Nazis...) I finally found my groove with the hair and styling is a breeze. I purchased it from 

My birthday also passed on August 28th! I'm no longer in my 20's. Its unreal really. My cousin was visiting from Trinidad and I just kicked it with her; dinner, hangout, shopping. Simple. I was supposed to have a girls meet up but I cancelled at the last minute because of the weather (which turned out nice *sigh*), most of the ladies cancelling and back ache. Ughhhh back ache!!!

Hmmm, that pretty much sums up the last couple months. I'll check in again soon!



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