Monday, December 1, 2014

Straight HAIR Talk

Ok i'm bored with my hair so here I go changing it up.
I'm ready to wear my hair straight more often. I contemplated perming (OMG WHAT?!... yeah) but because I am pregnant and perm is such a permanent deal, I decided to hold off on that until next spring... maybe.

My camera got misplaced :( Very sad times. I had step by step pictures
on there of my before hair
Well, this is how it looked before the
trim and cut.

I washed, deep conditioned and blew out the hair. Then...
small section by section I flat-ironed and trim the ends (about 1/4 inch)

After, my mom neaten me up in the back and sides for
a more uniformed bob look

I love it. Time will tell if i'm able to keep up with the constant flat ironing at home. The plan is to wash every 2 weeks and I've already introduced some new products to my new hair regimen. Update soon come about those products.


Hope you had a Lovely Thanksgiving.
Happy Holidays!! (not too early right?)


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