Friday, May 29, 2015

My Experience| Coping with a Coliky baby~ Single Mom

As a new mom, I was looking forward to my new bundle of joy. I was ready to hug, kiss, play with my baby and be happy...Then reality hit. "Why is my baby always cranky"?... "Why is she so upset"?..."Why is she not sleeping"?  "Why is she always crying"? The questions were endless. I kept hearing the word COLIC (<link) thrown here and there when I mentioned my situation to friends so I decided to do my research. I was surprised with what I found. I knew nothing about colic before that day.

The Beginning

My mom was working pretty much 24/7 and my child's father worked as well. The little that he was around did not seem to help. I complained/ vent to family and friends, but they did not have the answers. All I heard was "she will grow out of it"... They tried.  I read articles online about families going through the same thing. Though it eased my mind a little to know I was not alone, it didn't really help. 

The Middle

My baby was unhappy... I was unhappy. The only thing I could do was pray. I pray to God like he is my best friend. I just talk to him like he's sitting across the room. You don't have to be a professional prayer master to have a relationship with Him. *sigh* I would get angry at my baby and angry at myself for getting angry. I would leave her screaming to the top of her lungs in her bassinet and go to the other room and scream to the top of mines. It helped me from doing things I would regret. I also had to remember that she was a new born and she did not ask for this. So whenever I got upset with her, I would call on His name and ask for help and patience.

You may find this very cold...but I had a hard time loving my child at the very beginning. I know... It seemed like nothing I did helped. I was trying so hard and she was still unhappy. At one point I almost gave up. I had to remember that she was counting on me and depending on ME to take care of her. How selfish was I?

The End
It did get better over time... over a very long time it seemed. She started to be more aware, looking at me lovingly. It was around the time I started to breast feed exclusively. Then there was a smile and a glitter in here eyes.

My experience with my colicky baby was rough. It was one of the most difficult times in my life. I am so grateful that I have a relationship with God. I am so thankful I have a mother that was there for me. She picked up every call and answered every text when I needed to talk. And I know she prayed very hard on our behalf. Thank you mom. To my friends that offered advice, I thank you too.

My advice to anyone going through this, be patient... PRAY about it. Try not to complain too much because it makes matters worse. Do not cry and get angry in front of your child, make sure he/she is safe and go to another room  for a couple of minutes. Ask for help. Do not wait for people to come to you. Picture you baby laughing and smiling. Do not shake or hit your baby, remember they are counting on you to protect and love them. 

God is so good!!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby OOTD - Fabulous

Not using A's 0-3 months clothing earlier was a mistake. By the time i turned around she had outgrew some of them and was not able to wear them.

This time around I'm making sure every so often to fit her  6 months clothing, especially the warmer ones. She will not be able to wear them in the summer time. If they still fit come September, cool.

(she was not cooperating for the pics & drooled on her sweater)

cardigan| Circo 3 months   Top| Carter's 6 months
 Pants| Carter's 6months    Shoe (gift)


Mummy and Me OOTD - Pink, Blue and White

I love mommy- baby matching outfits. I usually match with colors rather than style itself.

Here is a simple example. We just lounged around the neighborhood that day :)

I did a quick video too


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby Changes~The 4-5 month old baby

I was wondering why Anna's sleep and eat cycle changed after doing so well. She is no longer sleeping her 4 hr stretches at night and that 4-5 oz of formula she used to guzzle down every 1.5-2hrs is now 1 oz here and there.

Online I discovered this article, and to be honest it made me feel much better. Knowing that I'm not alone has definitely calmed my nerves.
I'm sure she is teething because she is always chomping on her fingers and anything she could find. (She doesn't care for teething rings and the paccy) Also, as the article says, she is going through a
lot right now, a serious development stage. Poor thing. Babies go through so much. After the teething phase (or during) there would be another growth spurt

Staying strong and loving to my baby while she's going through yet another milestone in her little life

5.26.15 UPDATE: She is almost back to her usual self and routine :)
(She'll be 5 months tomorrow)


Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you all having a great weekend. The weather is beautiful here in NY.

Mommy got her groove back! lol I went to a boat ride yesterday Had a blast. My first real outing since giving birth.

Enjoy the Holiday

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mini Acorn Moccs

I came across Mini Acorn on Instagram and I immediately rushed to their website.
I've bin eyeing Freshly Picked moccs for a while now but was not ready to dish out the 40-50 bucks.
I read reviews on Acorn's Moccasins and was pleased. Also at that price, you can't go wrong.

Choosing a color was the hard part. I wanted gold, duh, but they were out of stock...duh. I went with rose red because matching with me (with my red converse) seemed Shipping was pretty decent and packaging was cute. Only thing (and this is my bad) I got a size two, hoping it would sorta fit now but be perfect for summer. Turns out its super big and might fit ok for summer. Eh I love to see bare feet babies anyway...who needs moccs?! Plus she has sweaty feet so it
might be for the best...till Fall I guess.

Well, the other day, I was determined she wore it tho HA! so I left some of the stuffing that came with the shoe inside and that's how she rocked it. It didnt look too bad.
This is the outfit I put together.

pic taken 2 weeks ago

Hoodie| (gift) H&M   Sweat Pants| Carter's (there is a pink bow on the waistband)

I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Check out their website for your little one... or someone else's little one, I'm sure they wouldn't mind

Blessings J and A

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hope this post reaches you in a good mood.

My weekend was everything. Apart from the weather being amazing, I got to enjoy it with my best friend, my daughter.
We made it to church then spent the evening Down Town Brooklyn at my favorite lookout. I see many more of these 'daze' ahead for my love and I.

I'm wearing|Top: H&M

Anna's wearing:
Carter's Romper size 6 months
Bow| Carter's

Memorial weekend coming up. Any plans?


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Its bin how long...? My baby 0-4 months story

Hi everyone!! *covers eyes*
Its bin wayyyy too long. I have so much to update you on

My baby is 4 1/2 months already and boy oh boy a lot has happened.

First, I hope everyone is doing great. Its finally warm in NYC yay!! The little one and I cant wait to be on the move... especially, after being cooped up all winter.

Anna-Leah was born with jaundice, which thankfully didn't last long (about a week). We were in and out of the emergency room for her first week of life.

She was also very colic I will have to make a separate post about this. It was a very hard time. Frustrating, sleepless days and nights. I'm so glad I know God and have a relationship with him. HE kept me sane. I would tell friends and family about what I was going through, but no one understood. Thank goodness its over. It lasted about 3 1/2 months.

I also decided to exclusively breast feed Anna (after bottle feeding for a while) which lasted about 6 weeks. It was great! We bonded really well :) After her 4 month shots she started to refuse the breast. I thought something was wrong with me lol But hey, babies change. I had to bottle train her again. That took 3 days. Before then though I fed her with a dropper. Yup. A dropper! I would try with the bottle, if she refused after 20-30 mins, I took a 5-10 minute break and out came the dropper. That phase lasted 4 days. It was tedious.

NOW she takes the bottle no problem. She uses the Dr Browns bottles. I wish I bought those from the jump instead of the Avent and Tommee Tippy (which I might use again when she gets older). She drinks 3-4 oz every 1.5- 2 hrs. She is not on cereal, solids or juice as yet. Her behavior has changed. Once a cranky fussy baby, she's now very inquisitive (she sees everything...I hope she keeps that up) content and well behaved bunch of cuteness. I'm so proud of her.
She fusses only when she's very sleepy. Since I know her hunger signals, there is no crying when her tummy is empty (way to go mom!! lol)

So yeah. I think I got all the important points down.

Being a mom is a lot of work but its definitely worth it.

Would you like me to blog about anything in particular?? Feel free to let me know. I'll be around more often.

Have a good One