Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby Changes~The 4-5 month old baby

I was wondering why Anna's sleep and eat cycle changed after doing so well. She is no longer sleeping her 4 hr stretches at night and that 4-5 oz of formula she used to guzzle down every 1.5-2hrs is now 1 oz here and there.

Online I discovered this article, and to be honest it made me feel much better. Knowing that I'm not alone has definitely calmed my nerves.
I'm sure she is teething because she is always chomping on her fingers and anything she could find. (She doesn't care for teething rings and the paccy) Also, as the article says, she is going through a
lot right now, a serious development stage. Poor thing. Babies go through so much. After the teething phase (or during) there would be another growth spurt

Staying strong and loving to my baby while she's going through yet another milestone in her little life

5.26.15 UPDATE: She is almost back to her usual self and routine :)
(She'll be 5 months tomorrow)



  1. Your a great mom, and always listen to your mommy instinct.


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