Friday, July 10, 2015

Hair Update

Dear friends, I am now sporting a sleek bob and I love  it! This is the hair change I was craving for the past couple months. Now I can relax...for now.

I did the bob myself at first, using this technique. (watch video)

It failed. Instead of using a woogie (pony pail holder) I used a rubber band and cut right through it, causing my hair to be uneven. My hair stylist aunt whipped it into shape quick fast. Yes, I'm lucky.

(Lipstick: NickaK 'Sable')

I am also now apart of the... permed hair committee?? Well, yeah, I'm no longer natural. WHAT?! I know. Its juts hair right? right?

Interested? Check out my hair update video below.

Oh also these are the products I use after I deep condition. My hair regimen otherwise, its  the same as before.


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