Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Godly Reminder


This past Sunday at Church the word really spoke to me, 
like it always does. Be careful who you share your business, thoughts
 and ideas with. Most of us get caught up in friendships and
 leaning on the wrong people and we forget about the one who will always 
be there for us. God. How is your relationship with Him?
 I promised myself this year to get closer to Him.
 I know of him but do I really know Him.
 I want God to be my best friend. I want to remember that I can
 always talk to Him because most times
 I forget that he is there for me. 
Put God first; in the good times and bad.
 Build your relationship with Him.
 Praise Him and ask for help when needed. 
A good friend is there through the good and bad; that is God. 
Humans disappoint. God does not.
I'm not saying that you should not have 
friends or you should not have someone you can talk to in the flesh,
 but is that person of God? Is that person saved?
 Is that person filled with the Holy Spirit?
 Does that person really know God and not only know about him?
 If you answered yes to one of these that person will
 most  likely be able to give sound Godly advice.
 If not I urge you to keep your business to yourself.
 "But shes is my best friend. she wishes me well" 
Yes but is he/she of Christ?
You will definitely loose some "friends" but gain a trusted one! 
Are you ready to get to know Him??
*Raises hand*


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