Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Aztec is still Relevant

Aztec by far, is my favorite print

 Bought this cardigan from a lady I used to work with
a few years ago. It was only $10. Steal!

Boots from Mandee. Got it in 2014 but I'm sure they
restock this style.

My shirt is from Rainbow. I've got to say that rainbow and 
even Pretty Girl upped their clothing game. 
Very F21-esque

Find your personal style (whatever you're comfortable wearing.
 It doesn't have to be "cool" or trendy) and run with it. 
Own it and be confident.- jen

Hope your week is going great!
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  1. I saw your blog on BeULuv's blog and thought I'd come on over to say hi. I'm glad I did because I love your outfit. I don't currently have any Aztec prints in my closet, but that's about to change. By the way, you look great and thanks for the inspiration... :)

    1. Hi Dee Gotta check out that Blog. I'm glad you stopped by as well and was inspired!! Thank you, please follow -don't be a stranger :)


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