Tuesday, January 5, 2016

TWO~Reflect 2015 Q and A


1) Biggest Accomplishment of 2015
I would have to say is being a good mom. Durning my hard times, my low times
and my personal struggles, I was still able to be a good mother to my child.
I did not let my personal stuff get in the way of that.

2) Best Memory of 2015
My memory is bad you guys lol but I think my best memory was when Anna stood
for herself for the first time. I mean, I couldn't even react right away. It happened
so sudden. Its like that with all of her milestones. Like what did you just say?..
what did you just do? Did you really just say that??

3) Biggest Obstacle of 2015
Not being able to work at the moment. I love having my own money. True talk. Needing to
depend on others is not something I like to do. Im hoping to find a good
job by summer of this year. Fingers crossed...Prayers up.

4) Top 5 favorite beauty products of 2015
Hmmmnnn. All the products im about to list are long time favorites so excuse me if
I seem repetitive.
1. Cover Girl 3 in 1 foundation
2.Mybelline FitMe matte+poreless foundation
3.Black Radiance baked bronzer-caramel
4. Clean&Clear spot treatment
5. NYX butter Glosses

5) Bloopers from 2015
All of my Vlogs lol

6) Favorite Mainstream YouTubers and Non-Mainstream YouTubers

7) Regret(s) of 2015
I feel like I dwell too much on negative things and thoughts over the past year. Being
Positive is a major key  lol
(Snapchat: trinibkbabejen2)

8) Most Memorable phrases from the year 2015
Im not even ashamed of being into almost all of those silly words/ phrases over the past
couple years.My favorite ones were LIT, Fleek, Fleeky On Point... Now its "major key" *sigh*

9) Most Embarrassing Moment of 2015
I felt a bit ashamed when Anna would act up on the train and I had
no idea how to calm her down and everyone would be watching me. Ugh. lol My neck would
get so hot and I would start to sweat. But now Im like yeah she crying...

10) Lessons Learned from 2015
Don't expect everyone to value the same things as I do.
Think before I act.

11) Goals for 2016
I really need to get closer to God

                                   12) What I'm looking forward to in the New Year (2016)
 Seeing my daughter grow :)

What are you looking forward to this year??


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