Friday, December 16, 2016

Natiral Hair Update + Style (+ product rating)

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Bin rocking braids (I installed) for almost 7 weeks. This past Monday I cut it into a lob (long Bob) I actually really liked it and was surprised the braids didn't unravel on their own.
It might be my next style. That way I can save $$ by doing it myself.

Length check. The front on my hair was between my eyes before I braided up.

OK so I use Hask shampoo and conditioner.Pretty good stuff! 7.5/10

I deep condition with this Miss Jessie's rapid recovery treatment 6.5/10. I sit under my heat cap for 30mins

Rinse- Freshly washed hair. No product

First time using this Shea Moisture castor oil line (used the brand before). Heard so much good things.

Then I apply some coconut oil to scalp and hair.

I section hair as I go, applying my styler- ORS smooth and hold pudding. Love this.

I twirl section around, not the usual two strand twist and secure with a rubber band

I let dry for the remainder of the day and over night

The next day
I add oil to the tip on my fingers and carefully un do the bands

Use pick to hide roots

Finished look

What do you think?


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