Friday, May 5, 2017

The Journey- 7 months post big -chop HAIR LOOKS

Welcome back J readers. I was going to leave this post till I hit the 1 years mark but I couldn't wait. 

For my coils I usually use a leave in, oil and gel. I coiled my hair about 5 times thus far and probably only once I was satisfied with the results.

Combed Out 
My hair combed out...from the coils I think 

I love how my waves flourish with this style. But the thing is, I never got the back to lay flat for more than a day. I used eco style olive oil gel and even the gorilla snot gel...and, nope

Wash and Go
I think I used gel for this one. I used a few products for my wash and go over the months, but none defines my hair like gel...well, so far.

My favorite style of wig but I could never wear it longer than one week  

Mini Braids
My favorite protective hairstyle. I'm so glad I can braid my own hair!

I have a love/hate relationship with this style. For it to look amazing, all must go well. This time, I think I nailed it 

Bob Braids
These professional African braids cost me about $175. One of the reasons why I kept them in for 2 months. I really enjoyed the style though. 

I could see a little growth coming through with these coils. I can only wear these for a couple days.

Crochet with kaneklon.
Loved this look. I might do it again soon. Gel held the wave better than hot water. Wore this look for about 4 weeks. 

Wash and Go
This wash and go was bomb. Used the usual products to achieve this. Usually this style last about 4 days for me. 

I just like this picture lol. Got me another wig. My usual style. 

Twist and Rod set
From my wash I go I added water, twist my hair and added rods. It was a bit flakey but it looked cute for a couple days.

Twist, faux locs, twists 
Was bored of the twists after a couple days so I turned them into goddess locs. They were popping until they stared falling out. Was able to rock the twist for 5 weeks. 

Dirty Cute Hair
Usually when I take out twists or braids I like to do a pre-poo. I added water and castor oil, and rocked this cute look for a day, then wash it the next day.

Wash and Go
Another one. First one using the coconut eco style gel and I love it.

Which is you favorite look?

More to come!

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